A committed walk!

2 Chronicles 27:6
“… Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the Lord, his God….”

Believer, God desires a steadfast and committed heart from His children. What does this mean? It means that we make the choice to be consistent in our walk with God. We make it a priority above all others and we give preference to it on a daily basis. It must be a fixed arrangement in our minds; something we are not willing to change or negotiate about. It must be so important to us as His children that we have a firm determination about it.

God does not want second-hand time, my friend. God desires a fixed and a sure place in your diary. The reason God desires this is not because He is a greedy cold-hearted and arrogant God. No! He desires to spend time with you because He loves you and he knows that He can only impart what you need to you as you walk wholeheartedly with Him and spend consistent time in His presence.

A true follower of Jesus Christ will always have the burning desire to spend time with God – either in prayer, worship or in the Word. This is a sure sign of a reborn Christian. Jotham grew in power (stature; honor, reputation and success) because he gave preference in his heart to God. He made his relationship and walk with God the top priority – above all else!

My friend, your walk with God must be a consistent walk. Be sure to establish this in your life – you need it!

Prayer: “Father God, forgive us for neglecting our relationship with You and for giving You the last 2 minutes of our day at night in bed. Help us to realize the importance of setting sufficient time aside to pray, worship and read the Word of God and also to hear from You. We desire your peace, strength and joy and we realize this morning that we can only receive it as we spend time in Your presence. Draw us today towards You again and rekindle our first love for You. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.”