St John's Parish

St John’s Parish

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Our Vision is to …..

1. to follow a process of dynamic spiritual growth and worship based on Biblical principles where the Gospel is proclaimed (actively, energetically, powerfully, dynamically) through regular services and where small group activities will be vibrant and full of expectation. We will equip and encourage our people in relevant areas of ministry through teaching and training.

2. to maintain, as paramount, our focus on youth and on being a child-friendly church, offering an environment where young people will feel accepted, share a sense of belonging and grow in their love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We will teach young people how to mature in all aspects of the Christian faith by training and nurturing through various activities such as Baptism preparation, Junior Church, Teen Church and the Young Adults ministry.

3. to be responsible for the society in which the Lord has placed us through the sharing of our resources – practical love, care, time, money, skills and concern – in our Parish and in the community around us. We will develop a deep concern for those outside of the Christian Church and invite others in to the Kingdom through our example and witness.

4. To grow in our concern for mission “in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”