It’s not all about you!

Romans 12:10b
“Honor one another above yourself…”

Dear Reader, when we examine the meaning of the word ‘honor’ in both its literal and historical context, the word means: To esteem, to respect, to consider or in the Greek it is defined as ‘the value willingly assigned to someone or something.’ This is quite meaningful, dear friend.

While reading this verse, ponder the following questions:

a) Do I esteem others higher than myself?
b) Do I willingly attach value to each person I come in contact with in a day?
c) Do I consider the needs of others before I consider my own?

Wow. This may sound like a tall order, but Paul (under the influence of the Holy Spirit) is instructing us to be humble in this verse. God desires for His children to be unselfish and not self-focused. You see, it is our human nature to be self-absorbed and even self-obsessed. Many Christians live their lives with only one person in mind: themselves. This is not the way God desires for us to live.
We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We do not belong to ourselves anymore. We have been bought with a price and we are to take up our calling of revealing God’s love and light to those around us. But how can we do this when all we can focus on is ourselves, our needs, our lives, our little circle of interest? The truth is that we cannot. Sacrifices will be necessary if we wish to live in obedience to the calling of God upon our lives as believers….. Believers, stop being so self-absorbed. Esteem the people you come in contact with, value them and their needs above your own. Make an effort to humble yourself and in doing so, positioning yourself to be honored and blessed by God.

Prayer: “Father God, we ask forgiveness for being so selfish and self-absorbed at times that we honor, esteem and value only our own lives needs, interest, desires and dreams. Help us to get rid of selfishness and to start placing value on those around us as well as their needs and their dreams. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.”