Live in awe of God!

Psalm 147:11
“… The Lord delights In Those Who Fear Him; those who put their Hope (trust) in His unfailing love…”

Dear reader, what does it mean to fear God? To the believer in Jesus Christ, the fear of God means to show reverence, awe or respect and esteem. The word of God says that it pleases the Lord if we live from out of a place of reverence and awe of Him.
It further states that the Lord delights in it when we choose to trust in His love for us. God desires for us to recognize His greatness, but simultaneously to recognize His graciousness!
As believers we must live and act in reference to God. We must obey Him. We must treat others exactly as He wishes and directs us to. We must follow his voice. We must serve Him wholeheartedly despite challenges and hardships along the way. We must give Him the rule of our lives. We must build our lives around Him…
If we do not live in fear of the Lord (meaning in awe of His mercy, grace, sovereignty and love), we will soon be living under a counterfeit fear… Fear of man, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the future, fear of loss of security etc. We must know the God we love and realize that if we truly know Him, we will only fear Him. In Him lies all we need from day to day. All we need to do is to allow the awe we have of Him to evolve into trust in His unfailing love for us!
God loves you, believer. Just the way you are. But God does not desire for you to remain who you are at this moment. God desires that you grow in the knowledge of Him and that you base your decisions and actions from out of Fear (meaning awe) of Him and nothing or /nobody else. If you do this, God will have the place of ultimate authority in your life and He will be able to use you for amazing purposes. Make a decision today to live in the light of who God is – His greatness and His graciousness!

Prayer: “ Heavenly Father, how can we ever comprehend Your majesty? You spread out the heavens
like a curtain. You laid the foundation of the earth. How glorious You are! Yet in Your gloriousness You
loved us enough to send Your Son for us, an undeserving sacrifice for our sinfulness. You truly are a
glorious and gracious God! We choose to walk in reverence of You all the days of our lives. In Jesus
name we pray. Amen.”