Newsletter 9 April | The Promise of Easter.

Easter carries with it so much promise. That is why it is probably one of the favourites of Believers when on Easter Sunday the great hymns, readings and teachings proclaim the wonder of the resurrection. The message of hope is tangible. It is an opportunity for new beginnings.

On Easter Sunday we are reminded that God is powerfully present. Wouldn’t it be a delight to live in the presence of that Resurrection Love each day?
But for many of us that is not the reality we face. We want to give up on a relationship, a job, a temptation, or other people because of something that has been done – or said to us.

That is where Jesus’ disciples were that first Easter Morning. They wanted to give up. They had been rocked to the very core of their soul – they were scarred and bloodied – suffering from collective post-traumatic stress having witnessed the crucifixion.

It reminds me of Horatio Spafford. He lost all that he owned in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. A year previously he had lost his son to scarlet fever. Then he put his wife and daughters on a ship heading to England. He would follow later. The ship sunk and all four daughters drowned. His wife wrote in the SMS language of the day: Saved alone. What shall I do?

In the midst of his grief the great bible teacher DW Moody encouraged him. And Spafford wrote this hymn: Whatever my lot, thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul.
Even in the midst of disaster Spafford clung to God. Even in the midst of disaster something changed in the lives of Jesus’ disciples. Something stopped them from quitting.
It was an encounter with the resurrection love of Jesus. And what’s more it’s a woman – yes, you’ve heard correctly — a woman who had the first encounter. John records that as Mary Magdalene gazes into the tomb she hears her name: Mary. On a deeper spiritual level, she turns away from the dark, empty tomb, to the light – from darkness to light. It is a profound moment. The risen Jesus standing there – communicating with Mary Magdalene.
But there is something even more profound. And that is the understanding on this first Easter Day of the love that has taken place. The understanding that God’s love has raised Jesus from the dead. That Jesus has been raised for us. That there is hope – even when we want to quit.

It is a reminder: God doesn’t care where you’ve been. How bad you’ve been. If your love has grown cold. Or if you have been angry because of the untimely death of loved one. His Love reaches out no matter what your circumstances. He has never stopped loving you – even if you have ignored Him.

This Eastertide, what will you do with the Risen Saviour? What will you do with this message of Hope?

Mark Derry 

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