We stand forgiven at the Cross!

Today, I listened to a wonderful sermon by my favourite Baptist pastor, my son Mark, who preached on Psalm 116. I am not going to let you into all he had to say except to give you the title of his sermon which was: ‘A message of hope in the midst of suffering.’ I also want to acknowledge today that his sermon has given me hours of thankfulness and gratitude for all that Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary. Not just historically – but contextually in my heart and for the world today.

In the process of contemplation on that sermon I was led to unbundle a bit of my own need for the Lord in these days of turmoil and concern. I was also led to consider my gratitude that, in spite of who I am – or have been – or will be – Christ died for my sins and took them to the cross.

Find a Cross is your home – or focus on the picture above – and insert it onto centre stage in your mind and then spend time thinking about that day as Christ was led to Calvary. Who could have guessed how ‘pregnant’ that moment was as Jesus gave ‘birth to the promise of new life eternally to those who believe’? I couch this in the language of new birth conscious that the birthing process is excruciating for most mothers and yet the joy of the birth is instantly one of the most precious moments for most mothers (and shattered dads) ever encounter. Certainly, from my perspective, the birth of our two children gave me a huge appreciation for the fact that I had been born a man. I could not have withstood the pain that I saw in Gay on those occasions and yet, the moments after the birth – and every subsequent day for the last 44 years have been joy abundant.

So it was (magnified by infinity) – the pain and the joy of that weekend on Calvary and the empty tomb. The pain for Jesus, physical and emotional, was surely incalculable. But conversely the joy of the resurrection – bringing with it the promise of life eternal for the believer – is equally incalculable! Do we truly grasp the enormity of Christ’s death and resurrection given … and sacrificed … and won for us nearly 2000 years ago?

Do we fully grasp that, as sinners separated from God by the evil of our ways, we deserve nothing more than pity as a penalty for our sin? Yet, through the Cross, those sins are washed away, and we are forgiven and made whole – eternally!! Do you get it – Jesus saved me from death and has led me on a new road of righteousness.

That is the POWER OF THE CROSS!!

Rob Penrith

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Lockdown prayers every Thursday @ 2:30pm. All welcome!

Please contact Andrew (083 546 2451) for the Zoom link.

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