Where are they?

Are we beginning to see an attendance pattern among churches across the world?

The ‘Church Answers’ team raised this question recently and began a study of how church attendance is being affected by Covid-19. Their discovery was that they could summarize their observations into what they have called the 30-40-30 hypothesis. Let’s look at some of the salient points that they affirmed.

The Lost

•       Compared to pre-COVID numbers, they postulated that about 30% of church worship attendance has totally disappeared. The fear is that this is the number of people potentially lost to the parish. That is a huge number of souls to see flying under the radar with no way of even knowing who they are as we get very little feedback from our parishioners on how they are doing and whether they have moved on – or moved out. These folk are not participating in our regular services nor are they signing into any of our online platforms. Where are they??

Return to the fold 

•       Then, about 40% of the attendees that have returned are only marginally committed. They may show up once a month, twice a month at most. They are attendees only. They tend not to be involved in small groups, nor do they get involved in ministries at the church. They tend not to contribute to the finances of the parish nor the support of the feeding schemes. It is this group of parishioners that we miss terribly, and we pray that they will see the need for fellowship and community. Please return to the fold and participate in the services whether that be in person – or through our online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram! You are sorely missed. Even a phone call to me, Rob, on 0832709942 will be so appreciated.

 The committed
•       Another 30% of the pre-COVID number have returned, and they are significantly committed to the church. They are involved in ministry and volunteer positions. They fill gaps where others have dropped out. They attend worship services with almost weekly faithfulness. They are also likely committed financial supporters of the church.

•       In summary, the 30-40-30 number represents the dropouts (30%), the marginally committed (40%), and the committed (30%).

The need 

•       Covid has hit us badly and we need your support to continue the work and ministry of this Parish of St John the Baptist – a light in the community and a life-line to many who would not have a meal today, nor a piece of warm clothing, if we were not able to support them in their need. We cannot support them without your support and help.

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This week we are led to focus on health workers in our church community and beyond. Join us for a time of ministry, prayer and encouragement. 

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