The Body of Christ.

Dear family of St John’s,I have been in the office for one week, and what a fabulous week it has been. I’m starting to get a sense of how everyone fits in and who does what… when, where and how! There are many moving parts to the body of St John’s, and it will take me some time to get to know each component, please bear with me! One of the things which I have come to appreciate, even in the few days I’ve been your Rector, is the way in which you work together and care for each other.Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians has that passage we all know so well about the different parts of the body.  He speaks about the body of Christ having many parts, how each part is vital, and that God has placed each part exactly where He wants it to be.  No part of the body can say to another ‘I don’t need you’. If one part suffers, the whole body suffers; if one part is glad, the whole body is glad.  (1 Corinthians 12: 18– 26)Covid has changed the way in which we are able to express ourselves as the Body, and this has been difficult.  We haven’t been able to fellowship and worship together as we’d like to.  We haven’t been able to hug each other and we have to wear masks. There might be people who we haven’t seen since March 2020. But, what hasn’t changed is the fact that we are all still needed to form this Body.  Whether you are back at physical services or connecting online, you are still needed to make this Body of Christ work at St John’s.  You still have a role to play, a God-given purpose to fulfil, within the community where we serve and worship.  In my sermon on the 9th January I spoke about NOW being the time.  I asked you to consider how God wants to use you for His kingdom NOW.  Have you been able to think about it? Has God challenged you to become involved again? To start coming to physical services, if you haven’t recently?I am hoping to restart some areas of volunteering and ministry that were put on hold at the start of Covid, maintaining all safety protocols while doing so.  Perhaps that would be an opportunity to reconnect with the Body of Christ at St John’s, if you’ve been a little disconnected lately.  We need you. I thank you, once again, for the way in which you have welcomed me to St John’s.  I pray that God would continue to guide us together to serve Him better in this place, that we might be a reflection of His love to those around us.With love,Your friend and Rector, Claire

This Sunday16 January @ 9:30am.Bring your children or your grandchildren!School can be fun, scary, amazing and tough!St John’s is sending students and teachers back to school with our prayers and blessing. Everyone is welcome, whether this is your first year of pre-school, “BIG” school, just a different grade or even varsity…Children, bring your school bags and even come in your uniform if you’d like!

Children & Teen Ministry This Sunday @ 9:30am Backpack Blessing Bring your school bag and wear your school uniform if you would like to.

Sat, 22 January | 09:30 to 10:30Summerstrand @ the BeaconCome along and join Revd Claire in the next beach clean-up.It will be in Summerstrand starting at the Beacon at the intersection of Marine Drive and Admiralty Way.  Litter on this stretch of coastline is constantly a problem, so we are hoping that with our regular clean-ups we can stop as much of this as possible from finding its way into the sea. Please bring hats, sunscreen, water and gloves if possible. Litter bags and sanitizer provided. Join us for yet another Walk with a Purpose. We look forward to seeing you there.For more information contact Tim at 082 775 8816

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