Trail Mix!

A note from the Rector’s desk …….Trail Mix! Gay and I love getting our hands dirty around the kitchen table making rusks which we enjoy and which we supply to various family members. We used to meticulously stick to the recipe which we had been using for a while but as we have become more and more proficient ‘rusk-makers’ we know what gives it taste and what gives it body and it all comes together pretty easily these days. No stress and no angst. We just know how to do it! I can just hear you saying, ‘big mouth – he is such a show-off!’ Let me put your minds at rest and assure you that I am using our incredible skills as an illustration. Bringing Biblical texts to lifeEvery now and again I get really struck by the way some folk interpret and write the Biblical texts bringing new life to something that we have read so often. This time I was struck by this paraphrase of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11). •    People are happy – will be happy when they are more concerned about others than they are about themselves. •    When they know that their own strengths and riches are really not at all important in finding happiness. •    Happiness is found when you know your need for the Lord and his strength and power. •    Happiness is found when you are sad, and you discover that God is right there with you •    Happiness is found when you don’t have to worry about being important and all puffed up. •    When you are happy to simply Be You. Jesus says that is such a great feeling that you will feel as if the whole earth belongs to you. The perfect recipeI like to think of these beautiful attitudes provided by Jesus to his disciples. It is a little bit like trail mix – vital sustenance and provision for the pilgrim. It is a perfect recipe for true happiness! The Beatitudes are like a perfect recipe for a perfect batch of scones. If you get the mystery of the mix and the way it should all come together you are assured of having a good chance of being blessed and happy in the Lord!  Here is a wonderful recipe to happiness and true discipleship from the pen of St Francis of Assisi. With this mix you are assured of being “a good batch” for the Lord. (Control and click to access this song) here by the Dragon school from Oxford under the baton of their music teacher, Mrs Liz von Trump. Listen to the unusual and beautiful end.It gets easier May you be a blessing to the Lord and to others today – That is a recipe for happiness for you! AND – the more you use the recipe and discover the goodness of the attitudes of blessing the happier you will be and the easier it will be to bring happiness to others! Get it? Be Blessed,Rob 

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Christmas Food ParcelsWe are collecting the following treats for the Christmas food parcels:Biscuits, sweets, canned fruit & jelly.

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When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you. 

Isaiah 43:2

(Arriving from 5:30pm)
 Contact: Andrew – 083 546 2451

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