Things are changing so quickly!

A Call to come Back to Church

‘Uncle’ Cyril called us to a ‘family meeting’ on Sunday night to announce the lockdown restrictions adjusting from Lockdown Level 3 to Lockdown Level 2. This means that we are delighted at the chance of filling our pews once again. Our Covid Compliance Team has advised that this means that we can move from 50 to 100 at our two morning services on a Sunday and we could even get a 100 into our Wednesday Morning Service if you wanted to be here through the Week. Our Covid compliances will stay in place with sanitizing and masks and an encouragement to sit at least a meter and a half from someone not in your family bubble, including those in the pew in front of you.

This coming Sunday, 19th September, will be a celebration of Creation and a reflection on how we could be encouraged to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Tim and Isobel Douglas-Jones have been invited to share around their passion on this subject by drawing some of the needs to our attention and to offer ways in which we can honour the earth that belongs to God.

As we can now meet together in church there will be no need for us to continue recording the Holy Communion service each Sunday as you can now be there in person!! 


Dedicated Giving

Our Dedicated Giving Campaign happened in the midst of Covid and many people missed the opportunity to indicate their commitment of their tithe / giving and an offering of their lives in service through ministries offered here at Church. To this end we are going to offer another opportunity for you all to make your promises before God.

God’s mandate to the church is to preach the Gospel and to care for our neighbours and the world around us. Giving, through our Dedicated Giving process is one way that you can partner with us to make that happen. St Paul reminds us that Giving to the work of the Church in it’s ministry in the world is a tremendous privilege which needs to be extended with a grateful and joyful heart. It should never be a burden but given cheerfully and yet sacrificially in service of the Lord. It is a response to God’s abundant blessings in your life.

We invite you to place before the Lord the money that you are prepared to budget and the offering of your time back to him.

Click the buttons below to fill in your contributions to the work of the Kingdom.

We would appreciate it if you could deposit your dedicated giving contributions via EFT into our bank acount: 
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 050417
A/C Name: St John the Baptist Church
A/C Number: 080281206
(Please make sure your number & reference is included)
Contact the church office if you do not have a pledge number.